Friday, 29 November 2013

Getting a job as an International student

It is not impossible and surely not as difficult as it is hyped, for an international student to get a job. It s important to have the required skills and confidence to get an opportunity. German is an important asset if you plan to have a long term job, but you can always get a job or part time work as a student with English, in many firms with International clients. Checking up job portals, calling up for job inquiries, regularly find out jobs at universities help you to boost your chances of job as an international student. Check out the "Jobs in Germany" page on this blog to find out more and most importantly to get links for number of job portals.


  1. In my opinion the most essential things which German companies are looking for is prior experience and German language. It doesn't matter whatever is your GPA or other academic credentials they are only looking for the above mentioned two things. I have seen many students who not that highly competent and technically sound but they got the Job very easily compared to the other technically and highly competent students. Additionally, they don't consider internship and master thesis as work experience. So folks it gonna be a tough match for fresh grads.

  2. It doesn't matter that from which University you are graduating. The German system is not like America. Students of the prestigious universities such as RWTH Aachen University and TU Munich are finding it difficult to get a job in the market but people from very small universities example FH Nürtingen are getting jobs in big firms like Daimler, BMW etc. The reason lies in the fact that Germans are not very much interested in technical competence of the candidates but they more interested in hiring someone with very good German language skills. Although, they say that there is a shortage of engineers in the market but this is not the fact. The fact is there is shortage of experienced engineers in German Job market. They say RWTH Aachen is MIT of Germany but in fact it is MIT only for students with German language skills and not for English language speakers. In MIT not a single graduate finds it difficult to get a job but here every student enrolled in English taught programs is facing a tough deal of getting a job and some of them usually leave back to their own countries due to this reason. That's what I had seen in Germany as a Master student of RWTH Aachen.