Jobs in Germany

In my opinion, studying in Germany is very Student friendly. The main reasons are that there is a low course fee, there are plenty of achievable scholarships and there are also part-time jobs opportunities. It is not difficult to get a part-time job at institutes of the universities. It is also possible to get a part time job in a company. The process of application or a part time job until actually beginning one, takes about 2-4 months.  It is possible to manage studies along with part time jobs here. Normally a student works for 10-12 hours per week and 14-20 hours per week in a company. The salary offered is enough to manage house rent and food expenses per month. Also, once you have good German language skills and experience of working here the salary can be hiked. The part time job experience, project training experience, internships are considered by most of the companies very close to normal job experience. The student jobs are here are in different forms: Werkstudent (Work-student), Hi-Wi (Hilfswilliger -Voluntary Assistant), Praktikant (Intern), etc.

Student jobs at universities are found at the institute’s website. Here are few websites which can be used to find student jobs as well jobs after completion of studies: 



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