Sunday, 19 January 2014

Student Health Insurance

German Healthcare system is considered to have one of the world's highly qualified fleet of doctors. As a student in a German University, one benefits from the optimum health care coverage in Germany through a German health insurance policy or one from their homeland. It is mandatory to have a health insurance while one studies (or even works) in Germany. It is usually recommended to take up a health insurance policy by a German health insurance provider, because it is easier for the medical organisations to process here. The private insurance policy from one's homeland may not be enough to insure the costs of German healthcare organisations here. It may also cover only a small number of German hospital services, which may not necessarily be in the same town as the University. Monthly Insurance premiums are generally set on graduated scale according to age, costing usually about 80 euros (age below 27 years). The most well known German health Insurance providers include:



Once covered by a health insurance provider in Germany, one receives an insurance card. Student is usually covered in terms of medication costs at pharmacies (when prescribed by doctor) dentist operating costs, regular check-ups and more. Generally, there are insurance restrictions for the following services" tooth replacement, glasses, psychotherapy and pregnancy. For some insurance companies, there are certain waiting times for some treatments. As a patient in Germany, one also has a right to choose your own doctor. It is important to get a copy of insurance coverage terms , as soon as one is insured.

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