Sunday, 25 January 2015

5 things to do after arriving in Germany

Here are five quick pointers for students, of tasks to be done after arriving n Germany.

1. Insurance
It is highly recommended to convert your private insurance to a public one, if you are here for a longer stay.

2. Visa conversion
Students are often provided with a temporary visa of few months. Once, arriving in Germany it is very important to get this Visa converted to a student (or work) Visa, at earliest. One should also anticipate waiting period for student Visa, since there will be plenty of international students arriving at the same time.

3. City registration
After finding a place to stay one must register this address at earliest at the city registration office, failing which there is a possibility of a financial penalty.

4. Maps and GPS navigation
It is not common to ask people for address or streets. Thus, one must get equipped and acquainted in using Google maps, GPS navigation software.

5. Handful of SOS words in German
In case you can not communicate even basics in German, it is important to learn quickly few clauses in German which might help you in situation of need. A common phrase is 'Konnen Sie bitte auf English sprechen?' :D (Can you please speak in English?)

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  1. Is insurance is really needed for those all students who are studying in Germany? secondly; they should register their City registration if they don't so there is a possibility of a financial penalty. informative blog helpful for all students.

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  2. Yeah. Insurance is obligatory.

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