Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Note on Visa

Getting a student Visa is easy if you have required documents and could be equally tedious when one misses something required. The following information is handy when applying for a Visa, for Indian students aspiring to study in Germany:

Visa appointment

The Visa appointments have to be scheduled with VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd., managing the German Application Centers. For further details regarding opening hours of the Visa Application Centers and service charges of VFS, please call up '022 - 67866013' for all national callers and '0091 - 22 - 67866013' if calling from outside India, or else you can visit the website: www.vfsgermany.co.in.

Personal appearance at the German Embassy is mandatory for all applicants. It is important to apply in time as the visa process might take between eight and twelve weeks. Simultaneous applications for a Schengen visa and a Student Visa cannot be entertained.

Document checklist

German Embassy website states the following information:
Upon application for a Student Visa at the German Embassy the following documents have to be submitted in the original version along with an attested translation into the English language and two identical and arranged sets of copies of each document (copies have to be provided in DIN-A4 size only)

  •  Two duly filled Visa Application Forms
  •  Signed Declaration on True and Complete Information
  •  Three passport size photos
  •  Visa fee to be paid through Demand Draft made out to the “Embassy of the Federal    Republic of Germany” in New Delhi    (in case you cannot click the given link, please refer  to our homepage)
  •  Valid passport with a validity of at least 12 months along with two copies of all printed pages
  •  Cover letter from applicant, explaining the exact purpose and duration of your stay in  Germany
  •  Letter of admission from the German University 
  •  Proof that study fees have been paid, if applicable.
  •  School Leaving Certificate of Secondary School
  •  University Certificates (Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets)
  •  Proof of Language Proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS, original and A4 sized copy)
  •  Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies by one of the  following documents:
  •  Confirmation of Scholarship / Stipend 
  •  Formal sponsorship letter from a sponsor living in Germany (“Verpflichtungserklärung”  according to Article 68 German Residence Act)
  •  Blocked account (“Sperrkonto”) in Germany in the name of the applicant showing a  minimum balance of Euro 7.905,- and the remark that the account holder can dispose of a  monthly amount of EURO 659,-
  •  Confirmation of an annually renewable bank guarantee from a bank in Germany in the  amount of Euro 7.905,-
  •  Travel and Health Insurance
The required documents in points 1, 2 and 4 can be found at following link (bottom of the page):                                    http://www.india.diplo.de/Vertretung/indien/en/01__Embassy/Visa__Consular/Visa/Visa__Categories.html

Visa interview

The Visa interview does not take long enough if you are clear about your goal and finance for living in Germany. The questions asked are based on:

  •          Why do you want study in Germany, in ABC University
  •          Do you know German? Do you plan to learn in case it is not obligatory?
  •          Who are your idol researchers in Germany?
  •          How would you describe yourself?
  •          Why do wish to take the written course of study?
  •          What do you plan after you complete your study in Germany?
  •          And more.
The Visa interview is subjective and differs from applicant to applicant.

Normally application process for Student Visa must be initiated atleast 3 to 4 months before th desired date of arrival in Germany.

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