Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Scholarships & funding

Studying in a foreign land, brings with it a whole new experience of meeting people from varied cultures and backgrounds, to a change in thinking, ideas and learning. But, there are strings attached! One may find studying in European countries like Germany expensive, if not for the University fees then may be for the cost of living. However, it is possible to earn while you study through several means. Through a part time job (check out: Getting job as an International student, November 2013) and/or scholarships and funding. There are various types of scholarships available to partially or fully support your study and / or stay in Germany. There are a bunch of scholarships for new comers, for country specific students, for those in the last semesters of study, and lots more. The scholarship application package should usually consist of the identity and address proof, previous study transcripts, application form and CV. Please note that these are general guidelines and individual scholarship applications have specific requirements of documents for application. Personally submitting the scholarship application could be beneficial, not in all cases though.

There are number of scholarships provided by DAAD organisation every year. It is beneficial to check this website for the available scholarships meeting your individual criteria, at below link 
Apart from this the University websites will also provide a list of available scholarships.

Here is a list of links, (apart from DAAD website already mentioned above) which will help you find such scholarships and funding:

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