Thursday, 29 May 2014

A trip to Paris!

Paris at night!
With short and long holidays popping out of the routine schedule these days, time to have a look at wonderful place for a trip! Paris it is! 
Technically too far from Cologne (more than 480 km!) but easily reachable in 8 hours by bus! Here’s a list of places to see in Paris, apart from the inevitable Eiffel tower J
Arc de Triomphe in the evening
Paris, as they say, is the center of culture and beauty. From perfumes to a history at every turn on road, Paris is full of exciting places. Starting with the famous Arc de Triomphe, built in 18th century to honor soldiers who died in the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. In the evening it is a sight to see! Surrounded by ambient yellow light, stands this grand structure right in the middle of two busy lanes.
next on list is the well known Louvre museum. It is certainly a must visit place for art lovers. One of the biggest museums in world, attracting more than 15000 people each day! Although it does take a while to completely see the museum housing 35,000 objects of art!
Next on itinerary could be Moulin rouge. This 18th century cabaret is believed to be the birth place of can-can dance. It is marked by a red windmill on roof and gives a sublime dance entertainment for its visitors.
Another worth while visit in Paris is Champs Elysees. It is the most talked about street when it comes to the expensive streets in world! Famous for its luxury specialty shops and clipped horse-chestnut trees, it definitely can’t be missed! There are several other places to see, such as Montmartre, Invalides, Versailles, etc. and the list is pretty long. While you can discover different cultural and political aspects in Paris, resting cafes with generously special food delights are quite welcoming and plenty in the city.
Worth mentioning here is a South Indian restaurant, called ‘Sarvana Bhavan’. Its food is famous across continents (Germany, India, US, Singapore, Bahrain, Malaysia, UK, etc.) and it is must visit restaurant especially if one likes Indian food. Although one might have to encounter short waiting periods during evenings on weekends, but personally I think the food there, it is worth waiting for
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