Friday, 23 January 2015

Where's my water?!

No, this isn't about the croc game of finding water, but a real situation which many newly arrived Indians undergo in Germany.

While packing bags to come to Germany for studying or working, one often thinks about clothes, utensils, rare Indian food items one feels one can not live without and so on. However, I bet nobody thinks about packing bottles of water in the bags! (whether it is allowed or not, is a different question). Thus, a newly arrived is often surprised to see a person drinking tap water or drinking water which tastes like soda! So, here's a crisp bit of information about 'Drinking water' in Germany. 

It is very common in Germany to drink water with gas. It is like drinking soda water everyday instead of aqua-purified municipality drinking water in India! This water is often referred to as Sparkling wasser, sprudel (bubbles) wasser or wasser mit kohlensäure (with carbon dioxide) (wasser=water). The plain drinking water is available as 'Still wasser', sometimes also as 'Naturell wasser' (natural water). Another interesting fact about drinking water in Germany is that most of the tap water is drinkable, unless specified as undrinkable. Thus, drinking tap water at home is no harm at all (unless specified otherwise). Yet still, one can also buy water filter for home.

Hope this bit of information helps my fellow Indian friends who have just arrived in Germany!

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