Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Buying a SIM!

The next next big thing after arriving in Germany is to get connected, aka. get a SIM! Then the questions start poruing out of one's mind...Which service provider? Postpaid or Prepaid? Is this the cheapest? etc... Here's a very short guide on buying a SIM.

Which Service provider? With several service providers available in market, the statistics suggests that O2 and Vodafone rule the market. In Aachen, one often ends up buying an O2 SIM, just because majority of their colleagues and freinds have O2 SIMs, and thus one can call them for free. Postpaid or Prepaid? It is advisable to buy a post paid card for a long term stay in a country. There are offers available while buying a SIM card. One can save on good deals and can also get a Smartphone on purchase of a SIM card! Although it sounds a little stretched, it is true (from my persanal experience!). So, one must explore all the available options before buying a SIM card. Following are the list of websites which may be helpful to do the same:,,,,,

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