Thursday, 11 September 2014

Choosing the right University

According to the facts, there are more than 400 universities in 175 cities across the 3.5 million km2 widespread of Germany. In general, these universities vouch for excellent education, highly qualified professors and lecturers and good infrastructure. The Universities in Germany are federally managed. Each state has a governing body which regulates the education in these universities. Majority (over 240) of the universities are government funded and thus one does not need to pay a tuition fee.
One might also opt for a private university, which generally comes at a high tuition fee price. As of today there are about 100 private universities, majority of which offer applied sciences education. According to the fact stated at, only 5% of students in Germany study in private universities. However, this number is on the rise. One must be careful that the private university has state recognized, failing which the education from such a private university may not be recognized in international market.

Following steps are useful to narrow down the list of available universities of applications!
  • Create a list of subject areas of interest for study and accordingly find out the list of universities which offer them (
  • Check the world wide university ranking, subject wise university ranking and tuition fees
  • Contact the course coordinators for further information about the subject, exam regulations, industry relations, etc.
  • Find social groups (on facebook, etc.) of students already studying there and get reviews
More info: 
- On the right side top column you will find the profile of some of the German universities
- Check the section for admissions (
- Check

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