Saturday, 18 October 2014

Happy Diwali ! It's festive time...

It has been long since I have been studying, working and exploring in Germany. I wish to dedicate this post to my nostalgia, pouring out during the festive days of Diwali!

Pre-Diwali festivities were mostly cherished with shopping for Diwali dresses and decorating our house. The glowing lanterns not just at my house but also at every window in the vicinity brought a smile and assurance that cheerful holidays are on the eve. Searching hours for an elegant and eye-catchy Rangoli design and then getting right logistics through bargains at local street shops was an inevitable part. The smell of brown sand and night long Rangoli making, sometime with friends and sometimes with family, are memories forever. I also remember how everyone were suppose to wake up early morning and help mom cook sweets and then we all got dressed up in newly bought clothes. On the day of Diwali the house was lit with numerous Diyas (similar to candle) at windows and doors. The Rangoli on that day is special and large, to welcome Bhagwan (God) and the happiness together. The evening family Aarti (prayers) and then the firecrackers are still a vivid memory. The next day, was visiting and wishing day, cause its New Year. We visited all our relatives and friends to wish them prosperous New Year and share some joyful moments together. Eating sweets and snacks at the visitors is a must and one if the rare things that over-satisfied my sweet tooth. 
These are not just memories but one of the reasons of being the way I am. There are millions of others who have been molded differently due to these traditions. There are not just some emotional attachments, but the strings of life which are so strongly tied that there is literally nothing that can break them. 
I have relished and been part of the joyous tradition of Diwali since several years, but it is now that I profoundly understand the main motive of these festivals and the values behind them. I miss my Gharwali Diwali. The recent advertisement of Pepsi has been successful to positively lure me in pouring out my feelings, and I am sure it will motivate many this year to spend a Gharwali Diwali. Check out the video at this link or watch it here (below).

Happy Diwali and A prosperous New Year to everyone!

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  1. All said and done, this year, Diwali was comparatively quiet in India.