Monday, 6 October 2014

Finding a job!

As we drag ourselves to the end of our studies, we are challenged with a mighty wall, called Gateway to industry! We look for a lavish entrance to this industry, with a blazer and filled in pockets and dream ourselves with a BMW in just sneak of time. As much as this might sound exaggerated to some, it is true that finding job after your master’s or bachelor’s studies is a challenge for many of us. 

It is a defacto that one must search through the vast pool of available jobs on job portals such as,, etc (find more here). However, there are some common mistakes that one might make. Here is a list of points to consider while applying for a job! 

Send required documents only
Send only those documents which have been asked for and preferably in the same order. It is not advisable to send extra documents and in case you absolutely must send an extra document then a note must be accompanied specifying the aim for the same. Also, if you are missing a document, it is recommended to write a note with the reason for the same.

Do not give stale or contradictory information
In this time of digital era where social networking websites spread the word, one must be careful not to unknowingly spill erroneous information to your prospective job providers. If you are present digitally on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, etc., then you should provide correct and consistent details. The employers often check your background and at times might need only your digital footprint online then your actual CV document. So don’t forget to update your online information today!

Company Connect
While applying for jobs, we often have doubts such as application requirements, awaited interview results, etc., however there is not much that one does to resolve them. In case of any such doubts one must always take the effort to call the HR contact provided for the relevant questions, in the job posting. This not only helps to place your application as desired by the employer but also to add a voice to that name on CV. Apart from this, one must meet (pre-prepared)  the appropriate personnel of their desired employment provider, during Job fairs such as "Bonding" in Germany. This step, efficiently helps to improve your applications. 

Note: The post contains blog author’s personal view and the tips are provided in view of her personal experiences in Germany.

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