Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Merry Christmas!

All the glitters and glimmer around you definitely brings the Carol mood and irresistible Holidays. Apart from decorating windows and lighting up star at Christmas tree, there are other ways too in which Christmas is celebrated in Germany. So here is sneak peak at how Christmas is celebrated in Germany.

Christmas markets: With all big and small markets which stay for a month, they light the town to their fullest along with with merry songs and festive mood. Go visit one at your nearest!

Chocolate calendars: Common sight at super markets and often gifted to friends and colleagues. They sound like a must! 

Stollen: This bread cake will be commonly available now. It is often baked, rolled in butter and sugar and kept for two or three weeks.

4 candle tradition: The four Sundays before the Christmas are lighted with candle. On first Sunday with 1 candle, second Sunday towards Christmas with 2nd candle and so on… This is called the advent period.

Merry Christmas!

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